Monday, May 03, 2010

My book on tape

My forthcoming book (which, by the way, feels really, really good to say), has been picked up by a books-on-tape company.  They are hiring me to read the book and paying me way-too-much money to do so.  

I do this next week, but it occurs to me that all our communication has been by e-mail.  They don't actually know what I sound like.  So.... when I first meet them, I have a strong urge to talk like Mickey Mouse or, even better, Donald Duck.  The contract has been signed after all.  It would be hilarious to see what they do.


jeremy said...

In light of the earlier discussion about The Office, I think this would be an excellent time to break out your best Kevin impersonation.

Knumb said...

I say take a shot of helium right before saying hi.

Brad Wright said...

Jeremy, I like it.

The helium would be good because it wouldn't be so obvious that I was faking an accent.

How about Velma from the Simpsons? (Marge's sister)

John said...

If you are going to do Marge's sister (Selma), make sure to smoke a few packs before you call.

jeremy said...

So did they offer you a contract without ever speaking to you? Obviously your voice isn't a real concern, but one would think if they were going to pay you for something like that they'd at least make sure they weren't dealing with a mumbler, someone with a noticeable lisp, an overly monotonous speaker, or someone wiht a heavy Southern accent (as a few examples).

Anyway, congrats on this whole thing. That's very cool.

AvA said...

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