Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pastor's attitudes toward their seminary classes

Here are some interesting data from Lifeway Research.  Going to seminary is usually a rite of passage for Protestant pastors, and here are some survey questions regarding what they think about the experience.


K T Cat said...

Off topic - I just preordered your book and put an Amazon product link for it up on my sidebar. Yours is the first book for which I have done this. I can't wait to read it!

ed cyzewski said...

I'm not sure how to measure this, but I would be interested in a slightly different kind of survey about seminary. Perhaps some questions like:
- What percentage of your seminary courses have proven useful?
- something about the role of seminary in spiritual growth.

My experience is that I'm glad I took seminary courses, but that many courses were not useful for ministry because a classic MDiv these days tries make pastors and scholars at once, creating this huge course load that still only scratches the surface for a pastor, since pastors are expected to be managers, teachers, coordinators, counselors, and mystics. In addition, many seminaries are still teaching against liberalism like it's still 1930.