Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dilbert and Christmas

This comic strip gets at some of my attitude toward the holidays...


Knumb said...


There's a scene in the movie Donnie Brasco where Jonny Depp gives Al Pacino a big envelope of cash, Al takes a few bills out of it, gives 'em back, they hug, Merry Christmas.

This strip touches on gift cards, which are like giving someone a jackson or franklin and a homework assignment.

"Here's 20 bucks, now get down to Macy's and work for your gift."

"Here's a hundred, but it's in the form of a card that you will have a hard time remembering what's left on and is pure profit for Citicorp when you lose it or forget to use it."

The exception to that being kids who don't have jobs and for whom a few bucks actually matters (I hope since I get lazy and send Amazon $ sometimes).

John said...

Great strip! I always kind of get the feeling that this is basically what we do on Christmas. I actually don't like my family getting me gifts. If I really WANTED something, I would have already bought it myself. If you want to REALLY give me a present, don't spend the money on something that I don't really need.

Bah Humbug!