Thursday, July 02, 2009

The answer

Here's the answer to yesterday's question. Frankly I thought that the Pope and Hannah Montana would have done better. As many golfers as Catholics and not that many preteen girls who answer surveys?

Who would you rather meet and have your picture taken with?...Barack Obama, the Pope, Hannah Montana, Tiger Woods

42% Barack Obama
21 The Pope
5 Hannah Montana
22 Tiger Woods
8 None (Vol.)
1 Don't know

FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll [June, 2009]


David said...

If it was like most surveys, it was limited to people 18+, which would explain the lack of interest in Hannah Montana. I'll bet Pope John Paul II would have done better against any of the presidents during his papacy--Benedict doesn't seem to have as much personal appeal. But I'm surprised Tiger Woods did so well.

Doing Better Than I Deserve said...

What if they had put someone genuinely interesting in the list - like Tom Clancy or Rush Limbaugh?

I find myself deciding along the lines of "...of those 4, who would I least like to NOT have my picture taken with?"

The question may say more about Fox News than about the people who answer surveys.