Saturday, November 08, 2008

A photography favor

Could I ask a favor? I'm donating some of my photographs to an art auction for charity, and I have no idea which ones people might like. If you have the time, could you look over my photo collection, and tell me which ones you like best? That would help me to get a sense of which to give.

When I look at them, I only see what's wrong or what I could have done better--I think that I'm too close to them to have a sense of which would sell best.

Thank you!


jeremy said...

My top 5, listed in order of how they appeared on flickr:

Kent Waterfall II
Fireworks & Boys
Ice Log Fenton-Ir
Grist Mill Window-Ir
Snow Bench by mirror lake

Jeff L said...

I think:
Kent waterfall 1 and 2
Sea birds
Ice log fenton
Fenton river moon
Walking log
dogwood buds

Nate said...

I really like (in no particular order)

Kent Waterfall
Tree fog
Maple tree II
Snow Bench
Kent Waterfall II

If I had to pick only one, it would be Snow Bench.

Brad Wright said...

Thank you Jeremy, Jeff, and Nate. This is really helpful, though I think it's kind of funny that even when I try to do art, I also take a survey!

Casey Ross said...

In no particular order...
- Grist Mill Window-lr
- Snow Bench by mirror lake (I still think someone painted that one)
- Snow tree
- Snow leaves-lr
- Kent Waterfall
- Kent State stream

Brad Wright said...

Thank you Casey!

Anonymous said...

They're all so beautifully interesting. What an eye. So do you sell them? (If I had any cash....)


BTW, enjoying browsing your blog. Stumbled here through somebody else's... not sure who's at the moment.