Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween antics

Last night I got bored handing out candy, so I went to the pantry to grab some other goodies. Among the non-candy goods I gave out: A box of macaroni & cheese, a tin of curry paste, and a box of pudding mix.

In one group, the kid who got M&C held it up and said cool, at which point all the other kids wanted one.

Some didn't see what I did, so they probably had a funny reaction when emptying out the bag at home.


Knumb said...

glad you went to the pantry rather than other rooms in the house...

"Hey, I got fabric softeners!"

"I don't have dandruff!"

"3-in-1 oil?"

Funny stuff, bro...

Paul Merrill said...

Love that idea.

Our oldest kid ate so much candy before dinner this evening that he almost swore off candy.

S.S.STONE said...

That is sooo cool! Great idea!

Brad Wright said...

Hm-m-m-m, good idea John.

Paul, that's funny about your child. Here at UConn, that would be called pregaming.

Ben said...

Great idea!

Witchcraft is still serious business here in Kenya, so Halloween is non-existent. I'm not sorry, but I do miss the cute costumes and kids' candy elation.

When we lived in DC, all these teenagers used to come trick-or-treating without any costumes. I used to require a least a song or a dance before giving it up. It was worth the entertainment.

Brad Wright said...

Interesting Ben about Kenya... makes sense that it's too touchy of a subject. Does that mean that Americans shouldn't dress as overweight materialists? ;-)

I share the same sentiment about older kids.